The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable. Mahatma Gandhi
Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
Company founder Michael Garlinger served our country as both an LAR Battalion Marine and an Army Medic. In the practice of serving through healing and in the spirit of "no person left behind," Michael, along with Chief Nursing Officer, Tami Yates, MSN and colleagues, continues to serve our country. Today, our mission is to help ensure that retirees, veterans, and disabled Americans receive the support they need to live well at home - making sure no American is forgotten, isolated, or neglected.

Home Health Services

Let's make retirement more enjoyable.

Let's close the gap between medical care and home.

Let's make healthcare better.

TNT Cares sends aides, nurses, and therapists to the homes of clients. In the more economical comfort of your own home, we provide a broad range of services spanning non-medical support to medical care that extends your hospital and doctor services into your home. Clients may want an aide to help retirees with errands, housework, and medication reminders. Perhaps private-duty nursing for help with chronic disease management is what you need. We can even provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy at home for focused or comprehensive rehabilitation plans. It all starts with a conversation, so please contact us now.

About TNT Cares

Headquarted in Hebron OH, we are a home health agency serving neighbors in Ohio's Fairfield and Licking counties. We are founded by a service-disabled veteran, Michael Garlinger, who served as both a Marine and Army medic. Michael's background proves instrumental in maintaining our sense of mission and executing our operations with precision. Clinically, we are led by registered nurse Tami Yates who has a master's degree in nursing science and who brings more than a decade of healthcare experience.

Every member on our team knows our mission is to make sure no retiree, veteran, family caregiver, or disabled American is left behind. To us, that means providing the home care services necessary to ensure wellbeing and quality of life as America's greatest generation enjoys retirement. Across the landscape of homecare services in Ohio we see missed appointments, important miscommunications, abbreviated services, and, ultimately, putting profits before people. The mission at TNT Cares is to provide a better alternative in home care. Through clinical competence, operational efficiency, and a mission based on respect and kindness, TNT Cares serves our Ohio neighbors while raising the standard of care in home health.

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